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New Bandage Speeds Healing

Invention by Scientists at Harvard and McGill Universities Source:  Harvard University Fast Healing from Hydrogel Bandage Time heals all wounds but this new bandage does it faster.  It's an algae inspired, hydrogel bandage that heals wounds without any antibiotics.  It was created by a team of scientists at Harvard University working with a team at McGill University.  They say it's a scalable approach, meaning it can be quickly ramped up for manufacturing and distribution.  The heat-responsive hydrogel accelerates healing with no side effects. Silver Nanoparticles The bandage mimics embryonic fluid and even heals chronic wounds.  The active adhesive dressing  contains an alginate hydrogel with silver nanoparticles.  The bandage adheres firmly to the skin but can be adjusted for more flexibility around joints. The bioinspired wound dressing contracts in response to body heat and speeds healing,

Important Innovations Collection: New Wound Healing - Medical Innovation

New Wound Healing Device Source:  Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Medical Hot Glue Gun Scientists at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have developed an innovative medical device to deliver more rapid healing and reduced scarring from serious puncture wounds.  They all it the Hot Glue Gun and say it works better than staples, stitches and pins to adhere tissue that's been seriously damaged.  The device fuses tissue with a biocompatible substance.  For more details on what appears to be very significant medical device innovation, go to Important Innovations Collection: New Wound Healing - Medical Innovation : Hot Medical Glue Gun Injects Wound Healing Material Source:  Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Wound Healing Gun Innovation from...