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High Tech Heated Clothing

Battery Powered Jackets To Stay Warm on the Slopes Courtesy:  GOBI Heat Wearable Innovation Here's a case of practical, wearable innovation.  A Utah company GOBI Heat has innovated battery powered, heated clothing for outdoor winter activities.  The apparel includes jackets, hoodies, vests, pants, gloves, socks.  They come with a small battery that the company says will warm the clothing in 30 seconds against winter's chill. 7.4 Volt Small Battery The 7.4 volt battery gives you up to 12 hour use on low heat and 7 hours on high heat.  It has a one touch LED controller that can be set on low, medium or high depending on weather conditions.  The company says their clothing is waterproof, surge-proof and have an emergency shut-off functionality. The jackets have 3 zone heating with 2, carbon fiber heating elements on the chest and a large one on the back. It gives new meaning to bringing the indoors, outdoors in freezing weather conditions.