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China Accelerates Wind Energy Use

Wind Power to Power Heating Source:  China Wind Farm World Leader in Wind Power China is waging a multifaceted flight against carbon dioxide pollution.  It's pushing hard to cut carbon emissions from coal burning generating plants.  China is already the world leader in wind power generation with the largest installed capacity and rapid growth in new wind facilities. It's now promoting wind powered heating systems. Wind Powered Heat China just announced it will forward and promote using energy generated by the wind to help power heating systems.  Many regions in China experience bitterly cold winters and coal powered generating facilities spewing carbon emissions are big contributors to China's pollution problems.  China's top steelmaking city Tangshan just issued a smog alert as waves of smog are enveloping the city. Huge Wind Potential Experts say because of China's long coastline and land mass, it has about 2.4 gigawatts of exploitable wind power