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Chicago Puts AirTaxis into Acceleration

  Windy City Air Taxi Testing Underway                                                       Source: Eve Chicago Accelerates the Dawn of Cities With Flying Taxis In what appears to be a world first, Embraer's Eve eVTOLs have been participating in real-world simulated test flights in Chicago, using helicopters as substitutes for the eVTOL flying taxis.  The test program is called the Chicago XP program and it has been taking place throughout September 2022.  So far, it is quite a success.  The helicopters, which take off and land vertically like an eVTOL which are not authorized yet to fly, have been operating out of three Chicago area heliports.  Passengers are able to use tablets with special software to see how the eVTOLs and vertiports in real, operational mode would look and work. Why the Simulations? Eve air taxis will be ready to go into fully operational service by 2026, pending regulatory clearance by the FAA and other aviation authorities.  The Chicago simulations are prov