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Aston Martin-Airbus Posh Helicopter

  Airbus-Aston Martin to Produce Another Series of Luxury Choppers                                                                      Source:  Aston Martin ACH 130 Aston Martin Helicopters The luxury carmaker favored by 007 secret agent James Bond - Aston Martin - has gone airborne with a sleek and very sophisticated helicopter, the ACH 130.  It just showed up in the US on its way to a buyer in Texas.  Another one has just been purchased by a buyer in South America.  Orders have also come in from Europe, Canada and Southeast Asia.  The ACH 130 is the result of a partnership between global aerospace and aviation leader Airbus' Airbus Corporate Helicopters and the legendary automaker Aston Martin.  It is a flying vehicle worthy of its own James Bond movie.  And it is now going into a second round of limited production as it is very popular with wealthy people who particularly want to pilot their own chopper. Tech Specs The chopper takes its inspiration from Aston Martin's DB11