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World's Largest Hybrid Plane/Blimp/Copter

  Airlander 10 - World's Largest Hybrid Aircraft                                                   Source: Airlander 10 Airlander 10 - Unique Travel Vehicle The world's largest aircraft, known as Airlander 10, is a hybrid vehicle that's part airship/blimp, plane and helicopter.  Its capabilities are remarkable.  The flying "cruise ship" can carry up to 100 people and emits 90% less emissions than other aircraft.  It is the innovative creation of Hybrid Air Vehicles of Bedfordshire, England and it will start carrying passengers in 2025.  Airlander 10 has been designed to be a very different flying experience with zero emissions by 2030. New Aviation Technologies & Key Operational Stats The aircraft uses both aerodynamics and lighter-than-air technologies to generate lift. Airlander 10 relies on a gigantic "balloon" of helium to get into the air.  When in the air, 4 hybrid electric propellers on each corner of the aircraft move it forward.  Each of tho

TILT-WING eVTOL:Chopper/Plane

ASX Technologies MOBi-One - New Flying Tech Source:  ASX Technologies Tilt Wing Concept Electric vertical take off and landing vehicles (cVTOLs) are one of the hottest sectors of the aviation industry.  ASX Technologies and its MOBi-One eVTOL are taking a radically different approach to flying.  MOBi-One is using a tilt-wing concept that goes back to the 1960s.  The tilt-wing approach enables the EV to take off and land like a helicopter and fly like a plane.  The vehicle is capable of take-offs and landings in a back yard or on an office building roof. Flying Against the Wind In a sense, ASX Technologies is flying against the wind of the eVTOL industry.  The rest of the contenders, including Uber and Hyundai, are using tilt rotors.  The rotors move in different directions but the wings stay fixed.  According to ASX executives, there are many benefits from the tilt-wing approach: less moving parts on the vehicle more aerodynamic efficiency more reliable performance s