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Bell Textron's Tilt-Rotor Jet Plane Concept

  Bell's Tilt Rotor Aircraft With Jet Engines                                                       Source:  Bell Flying Like a Helicopter But With Speed Aircraft manufacturer Bell, a subsidiary of Textron,  is developing a hybrid aircraft concept that takes off and lands like a helicopter and flies at the speed of a jet.  The new vehicle would pair tilt-rotor aircraft with jet engines.  Bell just unveiled three new designs, including a small, autonomous plane that takes off and lands like a helicopter, which could be especially valuable in rescue operations.  There are also a medium sized and large version of the concept that require a pilot.  These are concept planes that point to the future of flight - particularly military aviation - in the 2030's. Tilt Rotor + Jet Engine Tilt rotor aircraft like the Marine's V-22 Osprey have fixed wings with a rotor on each wing.  It allows them to take off and land like a helicopter and then fly like a propeller plane.  Adding jet pro