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Bentley's 1st All EV: Tech, Speed, Style

  Bentley's First, All Electric Car Source:  Bentley Fast, Powerful and Elegant EV UK-based luxury automaker Bentley is developing a very sophisticated, powerful and fast all-electric car that has 1400 hp and can accelerated from 0 to 60 mph in a blistering 1.5 seconds.  That would make it the fastest production car of all time.  The news comes from Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark.  If the acceleration time is a bit too fast for you, Bentley will offer the option of a slower 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds, which is just about as mind blowing.  This spectacular vehicle will be Bentley's first, full-electric car.  It will hit global market in 2025.  Hallmark provided the news in a recent interview with Automotive News Europe. Tech Specs The new electric Bentley is expected to be designed as a luxurious grand tourer.  The CEO revealed that the price of one version of the EV will be in the neighborhood of $262,500.  The EV will be built on Audi's Premium Performance Electric platform.

Jetoptera - US Startup, Unique New Plane

  High Speed Plane With "Bladeless Fans on Steroids"                                             Source:  Jetoptera New Aviation Tech From USA Edmonds, Washington based aviation startup Jetoptera is developing a unique, bladeless, high speed vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (HSVTOL). The applications will be for civilian passenger travel including flying cars, military and special operations uses. The aircraft relies on a unique aerodynamic system called "bladeless fans on steroids". The "Fluid Dynamics System" of bladeless fans uses a small amount of compressed air to pull in huge quantities of ambient air at high speed.  The system directs the air flow over the flight surfaces in a controlled way to enable lift and flight.  Highly Efficient Fleet According to Jetoptera, the system reduces fuel consumption by 50% and saves 30% in weight, making it highly efficient. Jetoptera plans to build an entire fleet around the design.  Some of the aircraft will

Important Innovations Collections. Travel Virgin Accelerates High Speed Trains to US

Sir Richard Branson's High Speed Rails Source:  Brightline Accelerating and Expanding in US in 2019 Sir Richard Branson is filling a big gap in high speed rail travel in the US. The US is way behind China, Japan and Europe with their Maglevs and other high speed trains.  That's about to change.  Branson is rolling out high speed travel between Orlando and Tampa, Florida in 2019 and tackling LA to Vegas next. It's called Virgin Train USA and for details here's a great news link to my colleague and fellow journalist Ed Kane at