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Segway's New High-Speed e-Scooter

  Segway's New GT2 Has High Performance & Speed                                                  Source: Segway's GT2 The Formula 1 e-Scooter Segway, based in Bedford, New Hampshire, has unveiled a high performance, rugged and speedy electric scooter that gives new meaning to the word Xtreme.  Called the GT2, the e-scooter can move at 43.5 miles an hour and accelerate from zero to 30 mph in 4.2 seconds.  By comparison the average e-scooter's top speed is 15 mph. The company says this new e-scooter is so fast and powerful that you can do wheelies or jump down a flight of stairs and land, if you dare. The technology that enables all of this is amazing and so is the price of $3,999.00 when it becomes available in summer 2022.  GT2 is being called the "Formula 1 of e-Scooters". Tech Specs The GT2 is powered by a pair of 1500 W electric motors, totaling 3000 W of power.  Most e-scooters have 350 W.  If 3,000 W are too powerful for your preference, you can tone it d