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Japanese Rovers Land on Asteroid

Japan Makes Space  Innovation History Rover Photo of the Asteroid.   Source: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Rovers Already Taking Photos Japan just made history.  It's landed 2 hopping rovers on the asteroid Ryugu.  The rovers are in good condition and have already started transmitting data and photos, as you can see in the above photo. Historic The rovers' mobility on the asteroid is historic.  NASA landed a spacecraft on an asteroid in 2001 but it was stationary.  The rovers are equipped with 7 cameras.  They hop around the asteroid which has a low gravity environment.  The rovers are the world's 1st, man-made objects to explore movement on the surface of an asteroid. Rich Resource Asteroids greatly interest scientists researching the history and origins of the universe.  Some experts believe they also have tremendous commercial potential for mining valuable metals like platinum.  The hopping rovers are part of Japan's MINERVA-ll1 program.  A la