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New Robot Does Your Household Chores

  Gary the Robot Does Laundry, Brings Coffee & Cleans                                     Source:  Unlimited Robotics' Gary A Very Versatile Robot For Home and Business For most of us, Gary the robot could be a dream come true.  He can do household chores like vacuuming and doing the laundry (load and unloading the washer) that most of us wouldn't mind not doing.  Developed in Israel by Unlimited Robotics he is one of the world's most versatile robots.  And, he will be available for customers in 2022. Incredible Functionality Gary weighs 88 pounds, is about 4.5 feet tall and can move at 3.1 mph.  He is designed to work in homes and businesses.  His functionality seems endless.  He can pickup socks, water plants, clean toilets, open jars, put bags of groceries into the trunk of a car, load the dishwasher and more.  For businesses, he can carry up to 11 pounds and move packages around a warehouse.  For restaurants, he can greet guests and serve food to tables.  For hotels

LIDAR to Keep Elderly Home Longer

IBM, Cera Care Test Self-Driving Car Sensors for New Use Keeping Elderly Home Longer with Tech This is a six month pilot program to see if LIDAR laser sensors can be used to help the elderly stay longer in their homes.  One of the big uses of LIDAR is to help self-driving cars "see".  IBM Research UK and Cera Care are teaming up to test the unique use of the LIDAR technology, Mapping Safety LIDAR uses laser light pulses to generate images and maps of surroundings and to help self-driving cars navigate streets.  In June, 15 volunteer households in the UK will have LIDAR sensors installed by IBM Research UK and Cera Care.  They'll use IBM machine learning software to build a detailed picture of each patient's daily routines and home environment.  They'll utilize the images to pinpoint and alert caregivers of any possible problems in health, falls, etc. during the patient's routine to let caregivers know when they need to be in the home.  It's a cutti

Transparent Wood Cheaper, more E-friendly than Glass

Inexpensive Alternative to Glass Windows and Solar Panels Source:  American Chemical Society KTH Transparent Wood New Innovation from Sweden's KTH This is important innovation in materials science.  Researchers at Sweden's KTH Royal Institute of Technology have developed a transparent, synthetic wood that can store and release heat.  The material is transparent.  It's an inexpensive alternative to glass used in windows and solar panels. Their innovation was just presented at the American Chemical Society meeting in Orlando, FL. Building on KTH Research This is an important iteration on a research theme and results achieved by KTH.  They previously created a transparent wood by cutting the lignin from the cell walls of balsa wood and combined that with plexiglass. New Transparent Wood They've now added the phase change polymer polyethylene glycol (PEG) to the wood fiber and plexiglass mixture.  The result:  material that absorbs heat and stores energy that

Lights, Camera, Alarm - Smart Security

Yale Smart Security Source:  Yale  New System - All-in One Camera Security Yale is an old line lock manufacturer.  They just came up with some very interesting, new innovation in securing your home and pets.  They've introduced a home security, high definition camera.  They call it the "All in One Camera". This system is particularly designed for the front door where most break-ins occur.  But it also works indoors, for instance to monitor your pets. All in real-time through their system and apps to instantly watch and communicate with your home and pets when you are not there. Technology There's a lot of tech embedded in this new security system.  The camera has motion activated spotlights, night vision mode and audio capabilities.  The camera's motion detection system triggers an alert to a companion app.  It enables the homeowner to see who is at the door and talk to them via the system's embedded mike remotely. There is a siren to chase away intr

Important Innovations Collection: Samsung's Army of Service Bots

Samsung's New Service Robots Source:  Samsung's Service Bots For Healthcare, Home and Retail Samsung recently unveiled a new set of service robots for health care, home and retail.  They are extraordinary technology.  Bot Care can take your blood pressure, breathing and heart rate.  Bot Air monitors the air quality in your home and if needed remedies it.  And Bot Retail is loaded with tech to assist customers.  Samsung's bots typify the rising tide of the robotic workforce.  For a great news blog go to  Important Innovations Collection: Samsung's Army of Service Bots : Healthcare, Home, Retail Source:  Samsung Bots at 2019 CES Bot Care Samsung recently introduced three new service robots at the 2019 ...