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Robotic Playmate for Cats Home Alone

Ebo CatPal: Robotic Companion for Your Cat Real-Time Monitor and Playmate for Home Alone Cats It's called the Ebo CatPal.  The device is designed to keep your pet cat happy, occupied and prevent boredom by providing the cat with fun interaction and exercise with a smart, robotic companion. This robot is loaded with advanced technology: CatPal has AI algorithms to detect the cat's mood and adapt to the cat's style of play It connects to WiFi to enable the owners to monitor the cat with sound and video, providing access anywhere There's a 1080p HD camera to live stream the cat Ebo's movements are autonomous and it can wheel, roll and dance on its own with the assistance of collision sensors Ebo's eyes, sounds and movements mimic real-life play It self-returns to its charging block to recharge when needed Cat-Proof Ebo is ruggedly cat-proof and round.  After scanning a room for obstacles, it rolls about on its own power, makes noises a