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Tesla's Hot Model Y Launch in March

May be Tesla's Hottest Vehicle Source:  Tesla Model Y  CEO Elon Musk's Roll-Out of Model Y The Model Y is Tesla's first crossover SUV.  It's aimed at an incredibly popular segment in the US:  what's called the lower end of the EV market.  CEO Elon Musk is way ahead of schedule on production of the SUV.  First deliveries on the electric, all wheel drive crossover will start in March instead of the summer as previously announced.  Also, this SUV has additional distance.  It now can go 350 miles on a single charge, instead of 280 as Tesla had previously estimated. Big Expansion and Big Expectations Elon Musk anticipates a big market for this car.  He anticipates the Y will outsell every other vehicle that Tesla makes.  As a result, he's expanding production.  Currently, the Y is being produced at a Tesla facility in Freemont, CA.  But in 2021, he's going to expand production to Shanghai and later to Berlin.  The EV is priced at a range fro