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Space Balloons - New Travel Vehicle

  Space Balloons For a Leisurely Space Visit Source:  Space Perspective Space Trip With No Rockets & No Rocket Fuel Space Perspective, a human space flight company based in Cape Canaveral, Florida, is offering a unique space adventure.  Luxury balloon trips to 20 miles above the Earth into the stratosphere. There are no rockets and no rocket fuel involved.  The company says it is a safer and smoother way to experience the edges of space.  In fact, the approach is completely different from a rocket flight.  The space craft takes off at a leisurely pace of 12 mph.  A huge hot air balloon gently carries the passenger capsule aloft into the upper atmosphere and then gently returns it for a splashdown in the ocean, according to the company. Passenger Tickets to Space Space Perspective has started selling tickets for the first trip in late 2024 aboard the Spaceship Neptune.  It's a hot air balloon type space vehicle that gets lift from hydrogen.  The company is taking $1,000 deposits