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Hot Jobs in Next Decade

Your Hot Job in the Future Robotic & AI Workplace It's clear that automation is disrupting the global workplace and workforce.  There are forecasts that by 2030, 1/3rd of US workers could be jobless and replaced by robots.  So, what are the most in-demand job skills that will keep you working through 2028 and well beyond.  We'll give you expert insights. Follow Mega-Tech Trends for Mega Job Growth Tech that is hot, emerging and sorely needed to solve pressing global needs is where to focus.  Here are some sectors that expert forecasters believe provide huge career opportunities: Climate Change Reversal Specialists :  engineers, technologists, oceanographers, physicists, chemists, environmentalists, mathematicians,  E-scientists, researchers to solve climate change while meeting global energy needs. Space Tourism Specialists :  Space-pilots, tour guides, space architects, aerospace & aeronautical engineers for the emerging orbital business of Space Tourism Nan