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Geothermal Food Growing - Colorado Model Experiment

Could Hot Springs Be the Future of Agriculture? Pagosa Springs Geodesic Greenhouses Powered by Geothermal Energy A Grand Experiment: Geothermal, Renewable, Sustainable Farming A small Colorado town Pagosa Springs is using its hot springs to grow food for the community year round.  It's a 5 year experiment by the Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership, a non-profit, volunteer organization that's pushing innovation with great potential. Geothermal Energy 24/7/365 The group is turning the world's largest and deepest geothermal hot spring into a lot more than a tourist destination.  They're using the renewable energy source that's available 24/7/365 to grow food year round for the community. Geothermal Farming Geothermal energy is energy harnessed from the earth's heat.  Geothermal farming is something new,  different and very promising.  The reason is geothermal energy is abundant in the US and could provide a renewable energy source for farming.  The Color