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1st Flying Car with 4-Seats & Ready

  AeroMobil's AM NEXT                                                                                                Source:  AeroMobil Brand New Form of Regional Commuting Slovakia's AeroMobil has unveiled its second breakthrough flying car - the 4-seat AM NEXT.  The vehicle is a world first for driving and flying.  The company says the AM NEXT leverages the innovative technologies and engineering of its first flying car - the AM4.0 which is the world's first flying car to go into production.  The AM4.0 is a combination light plane and supercar.  It's a two-seat luxury vehicle priced at nearly $1.5 million that quickly shifts from driving to flying.  The AM4.0 will be delivered to customers in 2024 as perhaps the world's first commercial flying car for consumers.  AeroMobil's AM Next takes us on an all-new ride. Ride Hailing Service The company calls the AM NEXT a 4-seat, door to door, ride-hailing service for travel in the 100 to 500 mile range.  It's a su