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New Forms of Greener Air Travel

  US-Based MagniX and Brazil's Desaer Partner on Electric Aircraft                                             Source:  Desaer and MagniX E-Plane Uses Significantly Less Fuel With Reduced Emissions An important, global partnership has been announced in the development of electric powered aircraft.  Everett, Washington based MagniX and Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Desaer have formed a partnership to develop a hybrid electric plane for regional commuting.  The plane will be an electric hybrid version of Desaer's ATL-100 regional aircraft.  The hybrid electric propulsion system is being developed by MagniX.  The environmental importance of this new aviation technology is significant.  The companies say the new plane will operate with 25 to 40% less fuel consumption depending on the range. Big Fuel and Emissions Savings The new hybrid-electric plane will be good for the environment.  Called the ATL-100H, the aircraft will be powered by two MagniX 350 electric propulsion engine s