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Future of Flying Cars from Asia

  India's Vinata Aeromobility - 1st Hybrid Flying Car from Asia                                             Source:  Vinata Flying Car                                             Source: Vinata Flying Drone                                             Source:  Vinata Logo                            Source:  Flying Car Concept                                   Source:  GM Flying Car Concept                                   Source:  Flying Car Concept Unveiling in October in London Flying car concepts are starting to accelerate as major automotive makers like GM enter the race to be the first to market.  Now, Vinata Aeromobility of Chennai Tamil, India will unveil Asia's first hybrid-electric flying car in October at Excel London, which is the world's largest helitech expo.  The vehicle is veiled in secrecy. Pictures of it are deeply blacked out, but the company says it is a two-seat prototype powered by electricity and biofuel for sustainability.  The company is also develop