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Important Innovations Collection: 3D Printing Human Hearts

3D Printed Adult Human Hearts Source:  Carnegie Mellon University's Add caption Big Bioprinting Step Forward to Make that Happen Engineers and scientists at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh have just invented a new bioprinting technique using hydrogel that brings the world steps closer to printing fully functional human hearts.  For a great news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: 3D Printing Human Hearts : Breakthrough  Bioprinting Method Source:  Carnegie Mellon University Big Step Toward Printing Functioning, Adult Human Heart A break...

New Bandage Speeds Healing

Invention by Scientists at Harvard and McGill Universities Source:  Harvard University Fast Healing from Hydrogel Bandage Time heals all wounds but this new bandage does it faster.  It's an algae inspired, hydrogel bandage that heals wounds without any antibiotics.  It was created by a team of scientists at Harvard University working with a team at McGill University.  They say it's a scalable approach, meaning it can be quickly ramped up for manufacturing and distribution.  The heat-responsive hydrogel accelerates healing with no side effects. Silver Nanoparticles The bandage mimics embryonic fluid and even heals chronic wounds.  The active adhesive dressing  contains an alginate hydrogel with silver nanoparticles.  The bandage adheres firmly to the skin but can be adjusted for more flexibility around joints. The bioinspired wound dressing contracts in response to body heat and speeds healing,

Harvesting Water from Ocean Air

New Hydrogel Invention from Singapore to Harvest Fresh Water from Ocean Air Source:  Stock Ocean Image Huge Water Resource Scientists from the National University of Singapore have invented a system to pull fresh water out of ocean air.  They've developed a hydrogel using a zinc based material that is able to absorb more than four time its weight in water.  Huge amounts of water evaporate every day from the ocean, lakes, rivers and reservoirs.  The team in Singapore has found an innovative way to harvest the water in the humid surface air above the water surface. Secret Ingredient - Sunlight The system has been successfully tested.  The team put the gel in devices floating on the ocean surface where it collected water vapor created during evaporation.  By placing the gel in a glass container in sunlight, fresh water was created and harvested.  The salt content in the water was negligible. Renewable, Reusable Energy Rather than relying on electricity, the new hydroge

Important Innovations Collection: Super Sponge Absorbs Water from Air

Super Sponge, Solar Powered, Water from Air Harvester Innovation from University of Texas Austin This is new, solar powered innovation to collect and clean water out of thin air.  It's a hydrogel hybrid developed by engineers at the University of Texas Austin that is powered by the sun.  One of the world's most pressing needs is clean, accessible drinking water.  This new innovation could lead to inexpensive, portable and small water collection and filtration systems.  For more details go to Important Innovations Collection: Super Sponge Absorbs Water from Air : New Hydrogel Collects & Cleans Water from Air Source:  University of Texas Austin Solar Powered Water Harvester This is new inno...