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Hyundai's Hydrogen/Electric Car

New Concept Car:  Hyundai N Vision 74                                             Source:  Hyundai Best of Two, Zero Emissions Worlds Hyundai has a spectacular idea that powers its latest concept car, the Hyundai N Vision 74.  The South Korean automotive giant has blended hydrogen and electric power systems in the EV to enable the best of 2, zero emissions worlds.  The new vehicle's power, performance, range and design are nothing short of fabulous.  Hyundai says that it has been working on the high-performance sports car concept for 7 years and is now ready to show the world what it has created.   Unique Automotive Technology Running on liquid hydrogen, the N Vision 74 can be refilled in just 5 minutes.  The 62-kWh battery is capable of 800V fast recharging and provides 372 miles of range per charge.  The EV sportscar combines the long range of hydrogen power with the high performance, efficiency and power of electric vehicles.  The blending of the two power sources provides 670 h