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Toyota Building City in Japan

Global Automaker to Build Autonomous, Green City in Japan Source:  Toyota's Woven City New Test Ground for Latest Technology This is another breakthrough global innovation development for investors to explore. Toyota is building what it calls "Woven City".  It's a futuristic city powered by the latest technologies to be built at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan.  Ground is going to be broken in 2021.  Toyota has selected renowned Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, who designed 2 World Trade Center and the new Google headquarters, to design the new city. Toyota Cityscapes Woven City will serve as a test ground for Toyota's emerging tech lab, the Toyota Research Institute to help shape the future of cities.  The city will be powered by solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells.  Driving will be autonomous.  Homes will be equipped with robots.  Underground robots will provide package delivery services. Self-driving electric vehicles wil

Germany's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trains

World First & No Emissions Germany's Hydrogen Train Emission Free Rail Travel The train is officially called the Coradia iLint.  It's clean energy rolling through northern Germany. It provides regular passenger service in the Lower Saxony Region.  This is the first time that commercial trains powered by hydrogen-based cells have gone into use for passengers. French Manufacturer Two trains are in service. 14 more are on order for 2021. They're being manufactured by French based Alstom, which is one of Europe's biggest railway manufacturers.  The hydrogen trains are being touted as important innovation delivered by Germany and France. Train Green Tech The trains are low noise, have zero emissions and can reach speeds of 140 kmh. Germany specifically invested in them to reduce diesel fuel train emissions.  The fuel cells convert hydrogen and oxygen into electricity to power the trains. Many Advantages Over Diesel The trains are refueled at a mobile h