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Lexus' Mystery Hydrogen Dune Buggy

 Lexus Teases an   Off-Roading, Fun, Hydrogen Vehicle Source:  Lexus Lexus Goes on the Road Less Travelled With a Mystery Vehicle Lexus is taking a drive in its new bronze colored, off road dune buggy on the road less travelled.  The new vehicle, dubbed the Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle concept, is powered by hydrogen.  Not only is the new hydrogen dune buggy unique for Lexus.  So too is the hydrogen powertrain that powers it.  Lexus is using compressed hydrogen to fuel an internal combustion engine.  The vehicle is not equipped with the traditional hydrogen fuel cell and electric motor.  Parent company Toyota has been experimenting with this new hydrogen technology for several years and has incorporated it into the new Lexus dune buggy. Lexus Innovation Mystery Vehicle Lexus disclosed the existence of this mystery concept dune buggy/recreational vehicle (RV) at the end of a video announcing its all new 2022 LV SUV.  Interest in the RV vehicle has caught fire.  The off-roader is edg