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Toyota Expands Hydrogen Vehicle Lineup

  New Hydrogen Pickup & SUV Are Being Developed                                                        Source:  Toyota Zero Emissions World Japanese automaker Toyota is placing big bets on hydrogen as a very promising alternative to battery electric vehicles in the new world of zero emissions driving.  The company is developing both a hydrogen powered pickup truck and a hydrogen powered SUV.  Toyota is clearly building a hydrogen vehicle portfolio.  It is also currently testing hydrogen powered semi-trucks in California and also is selling its Mirai hydrogen car in California, which is at the forefront of the number of hydrogen filling stations in the United States. Tech Specs The new hydrogen pickup is being developed at Toyota's UK operations. Toyota is working with a consortium of British companies and has secured funding for the project from the British government. The team is using a Toyota Hilux pickup, which is not sold in the US, and has embedded the Mirai's 182 hp