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Hyundai's Epic Hydrogen Sports Car - 670 hp

  Vision FK Concept is a Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Plug-in Hybrid                                             Source:  Hyundai Zero Emissions and Very Fast Hyundai has a Hydrogen Vision 2040 plan to offer in its commercial fleet only hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by 2040. As it develops its hydrogen technology system across its portfolio, it has just unveiled a 670 horsepower fuel cell plug-in hybrid sports car - the Vision FK concept. This vehicle combines plug-in electric vehicle power with hydrogen fuel cell technology.  A full recharge takes only 5 minutes.  The photos of this exciting concept are camouflaged but it looks sleek and very fast with intake openings to increase speed where the rear doors should be. It is a very promising, zero emissions work in progress. Tech Specs The vehicle combines zero emissions with a lot of power.  There is a 500-kilowatt dual motor powertrain.  Each rear wheel has a motor. The EV accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in less than 4 seconds.  A plug in hybrid, h

Hyundai's Hydrogen Sports Car Vision

Hyundai N 2025 Vision Concept                                   Source: Hyundai N 2025 Vision                                      Source:  Forze Hydrogen Racing                                                                                Source:  Hyundai New Energy Powered Race Car Possibly Headed to Le Mans Hyundai is developing a radically new, hydrogen powered hypercar that could be headed for competition in The Le Mans.  The N 2025 Vision concept demonstrates what Hyundai's Le Mans entry could look like - sleek, ultra fast, flashy red, powerful aerodynamic design and green energy.  The N 2025 combines hydrogen and electric battery power, which Hyundai believes will create tremendous future options for motorsports and normal driving.  The company is looking into the possibilities of using hydrogen as both a range extender and power booster on electric vehicles. Le Mans The Le Mans is the world's oldest, active and one of the most prestigious sports car competitions in end