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New Hydrogen Sports Car From Alpine

Alpenglow:   Breakthrough Design, Technology & Innovation                                                   Source:  Alpine Hydrogen Powered, Very Sporty Car Alpine is a Renault-owned Road car and race car brand that prides itself on being at the forefront of automotive innovation.  And, true to form, its Alpenglow luxury sedan/sportscar concept was one of the brightest stars at the recent Paris Auto Show.  According to the company, this concept vehicle sets the tone going forward on design, technology and innovation for Alpine's motorsport and road cars. Aside from the beauty of the car's design, the most fascinating aspect about Alpenglow are the two hydrogen fuel tanks that serve as the luxury vehicle's power source.  The internal combustion hydrogen motor emits only water vapor.  Two polymer pontoon fuel tanks filled with hydrogen are located on either side of the cockpit.  It offers 100% zero-emissions driving.   Design Signature and Future France-based Alpine is t