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BMW's Concept i Vision Dee, CES 2023

  BMW i Vision DEE Source:  BMW Concept DEE Sedan Concept: Color Changing, Mobile Digital Display  BMW unveiled at CES 2023 an extraordinary, new concept car, BMW i Vision DEE, that is literally a color-changing infotainment center on wheels.  Here are the key facts and features: The EV sedan DEE stands for digital emotional experiences DEE's front grill area, windshield and windows can display information and entertainment Various parts of the car can display different colors simultaneously iVision DEE comes in two versions One version contains body panels that change colors Another version communicates via a "user interface" and displays colors, symbols and infotainment both inside and outside the car The front grill and headlights are a huge display that can showcase different shapes, communications and colors The side windows also function as displays BMW says the car can display moods and reactions to the driver and cars around it, such as showing happiness or surpri