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BMW's Iconic i7 Electric Sedan for 7 Series Line

  So Important, BMW CEO Zipse Does the Unveiling                                                  Source:  BMW A New Electric Standard Bearer for BMW BMW's flagship 7 Series lineup has a new standard bearer - the fully electric sedan i7.  It is the first all-electric vehicle in the 7 Series for the luxury automaker.  i7 is a luxurious, electric, "executive" sedan that will hit the streets in early 2023. For BMW, this EV is so important that CEO Oliver Zipse did the unveiling and repeatedly called the EV a "no compromises" luxury sedan.  It can be pre-ordered for delivery in 2023.  The pricing starts at the "no compromises" threshold of $119,300. Tech Specs The new EV, known as the i7x Drive 60, pumps out 536 hp.  In 2023, a more powerful version, known as the i7M 70 model, will produce 660 hp.  BMW's Design Chief Adrian van Hooydook says the EV is human centric with "electric and tech magic".  When the owner approaches the EV, a light gre