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World's 1st Ice Skating Robot

Skaterbot Source:  ETH Zurich Plays Ice Hockey Too - Ice Skating Machine Roboticists at ETH Zurich have created the world's first ice skating robot.  It can even play ice hockey with humans.  Its name is Skaterbot and it is an incredible learner. Moves on the Ice Lead researcher Prof. Stelian Coros of the Computational Robotics Lab at ETH says the only thing his team did was to inform the robot how one skate worked and behaved on ice.  They then told Skaterbot it was free to move in the direction of the blades.  The robot took that information and figured out on its own how to move and skate on ice. Quadruped This is a modular, quadruped robot.  Based on the information provided by the team, the robot determines where its legs need to be to stay balanced on the ice.  The researchers believe their robot has many potential uses for deliveries, helping people and search and rescue.  It's remarkable innovation - a skating machine that performs so well as an ice skate