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Time Traveling - Caltech Research Breakthrough

Findings:  Caltech Time Traveling Illusions Trick the Brain Source:  California Institute of Technology Rabbit Illuson How the Brain Retroactively Computes Rapid Audio & Visual Stimuli Researchers at California Institute of Technology have developed 2 new illusions to document time travelling.  The illusions, called The Rabbit Illusions as tracked above, reveal how the senses influence each other as they are received at rapid speed by the brain.  In particular, how sound can trigger and create visual illusions after the fact. Time Travel through "Postdiction" by the Brain With the onrush of sensory perceptions to the brain, the illusions occur so rapidly that they trigger a brain phenomenon called postdiction as opposed to prediction.  Postdiction happens when a stimulus that occurs later can retroactively affect our perception of an earlier event.  That's time-traveling at the pure scientific research level. Innovative and Breakthrough Neuroscience Th