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Highly Advanced Flying & Driving Car

  Alef Aeronautics Model A                                             Source:  Alef Aeronautics Flying/Driving eVTOL that Works with Current Infrastructure  California startup Alef Aeronautics, which is a cutting-edge technology company, just unveiled a very innovative and fresh take on flying cars. The electric, composite eVTOL called Model A looks like a hot and sporty convertible.  But it actually is a street legal and garage park-able flying, driving car with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. This vehicle fits into and works within existing infrastructure.  It is also the ultimate in cutting edge technologies and seems to have flown out of a Star Wars movie. Very Interesting New Technologies The EV is totally battery powered.  The frame of Model A is hyper-minimalist, much of which is made from light weight mesh composite.  The cabin accommodates 2 people.  To drive, it uses 4, hub motors.  To fly, Model A uses 8 rotors, each 2 feet in diameter. The rotors are located und