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Netherland's Inexpensive Solar Car

  Squad Mobility's Squad Car                                                Source: Squad Mobility World's First Solar City Car  Netherlands-based Squad Mobility's $6,250 solar electric car will start selling in the United States in 2023.  It is also available in Europe. The Squad is a fresh and inexpensive solution to driving green with zero emissions.  For many consumers it may provide an alternative and answer their concern over the high cost of buying a solar electric car, some of which exceed $100,000. Squad calls the vehicle the world's first solar city car.   US Interest The Dutch company says it has particularly strong interest in the vehicle from groups in the US.  The demand is coming from inner cities, hotels, resorts, tourist destinations, senior communities, college campuses and ride sharing platforms. Such locations and destinations host a lot of short distance travel, and the Squad is offering an innovative, compact and emissions free fit. Tech Specs Squa