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New, Powerful Electric Jet Board Ride

 X-Sport E-Jet Board   Plowing Through Waves at 35 MPH                                                    Source:  Radinn Zero Emissions Jet Boarding from Sweden Swedish company Radinn is a big name in surfboards and jet boards.  The company has now created a tough, electric, motorized jet board called the X-Sport.  The board is sleek and hydrodynamically designed to smoothly cut through the waves.  The board's 3 kWh battery pack powers the board for up to 45 minutes of fun cruising the waves of the sea, smooth lake or rolling river with zero emissions. New Form of Riding the Waves The board is six feet in length.  It has a core of polystyrene that is reinforced and strengthened by layers of fiberglass and polymer.  The inventors say it is strong enough to have "impact durability" if it hits something or is dropped. The board also has ultra-resistant and lightweight hull technology that can handle rough water conditions. The company says it can be enjoyed on any body of w