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Gifts of Knowledge and Innovation

 Edward Kane's    New Hardcover Innovation Books on Amazon                                             Source:  Amazon Hardcover Version of "How Dare You" Here are a couple of Christmas and Hanukah holiday gift ideas.  Beautiful hardcover book created by Amazon.  Edward Kane's latest books in laminated hardcover: "How Dare You" - an enchanting fiction adventure story for kids 6 to 10 years old                                                    ASIN: B09LWMD98X "New Travel Concepts" - compelling images and executive summaries on top new travel concepts                                                                            ASIN: B09LGW58ZY "Epic Innovation Investing Opportunities" - breakthrough innovations with investment potential ASIN: B09K27XQ99 "Our Next Green Travel Vehicles" - exciting zero emissions travel vehicles                                                                       ASIN: B09K27XQ99 "Cool New Tra