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Moonshot 1 Flies on Kites & Foils in Water

  Water Air Craft -   Incredible Flying, Foiling Kite Pod                                             Source:  Syroco Designed to Crush Sailing Speed Records Moonshot 1 is a totally new form of travel.  It's a flying, foiling, kite pod specifically designed to crush world sailing speed records.  It is the creation of French startup Syroco, founded by world champion kite surfer Alexandre Caizergues and technology veteran Yves de Montcheuil. With Moonshot 1, the two hope to smash the current 65 know (74 mph) sailing speed record set in 2012 by reaching 92 mph.  They've put together a team of naval architects, sailors and helicopter experts to create a breakthrough water-air flying machine that chases speed. Chasing Speed Designed to literally "chase speed" and smash records, Moonshot 1 is an innovative combination of kite, foil and a 20-foot, airplane-like pod that holds 2 pilots.  It flies a few feet above the water.  The kite powers propulsion and the foil steers and

Giant Kites to Wind Power UK Homes

2020 - High as a Wind Power Kite in the UK Source:  Kite Power Systems' Wind Power Kite Kite Powered Electricity Scotland-based Kite Power Systems vows to provide wind generated electricity to more than 5000 British homes by 2020.  Their kite power technology system is novel and promising.  They say they can harness clean wind energy at the utility scale.  They're the UK's only company active in the high altitude wind power sector. They claim they're cheaper than fossil fuel electricity generation and cost much less than traditional wind turbines.  They also use 85% less material. Kite Tech Kite Power Systems features 2 kites that fly up to 1500 feet. They travel up to 100 mph in 20 mph winds. They're attached by tether to a winch system that drives a generator as they spool out producing electricity for the grid.  In essence, the tether tension causes the line to spool out from a rotating drum, which turns a generator to produce electricity.  Sustainable,