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"Lab on a Chip" is Here

 Medical Tests Possible on Coin Sized Chip University of Buffalo Success Researchers at the University of Buffalo have done what many others have tried without success.  They're created medical tests on a chip the size of a coin.  They've demonstrated how their chip accurately determines the eight blood types based on the time it takes each to flow thru the chip. Medical Tech Breakthrough This is a breakthrough.  The obstacle has been finding a reliable and efficient way to mix and move blood and other fluids thru a chip's tiny pumps and valves.  The UB team have done it.  They fabricated a chip that uses two different types of forces - capillary & vacuum driven - to move the fluids in micro and nanosized channels.  This advance solves a difficult problem that has been an obstacle to labs on a chip. Big Vision for Med Labs on Chips The expectations for the use of labs on chips are big, including in the developing world, on battlefields and in our homes.  Ima