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News Audiobooks on Latest Innovations

Important Innovation Collection Audiobooks Just Published Latest Innovations in Robotics and Renewable Energy This week ACX published two more of our innovation news audiobooks:  "Important Innovations Collection:  Robotics" and "Important Innovations Collection:  Energy".  They join "Important Innovations Collection:  Travel" that was first published. Unique News Summaries on Breaking Global Innovations The co-authors and narrator are US national television journalists Ed Kane and Maryanne Kane. The audiobooks are unique and highly valuable news accounts, written by Ed and Maryanne, of the latest global breakthroughs in innovation. Sample Links and Free Codes for Important Innovations Collection:  Energy For easy access for a free sample listen, in the US In the UK,

Autos, Planes, Ships and All Kind of Machines

Important Innovations in Travel and Transportation Source:  Hypersonic Jet Concept If you're looking for additional resources dedicated to the latest innovations in autos, planes, ships and all kind of machines, I wanted to make you aware of a Kindle book you can borrow for free from the Kindle library.  It's Important Innovations Collection - Travel written by my fellow journalist Edward Kane.  Here's a link to the free library book  ASIN: B07JCQ4J78 .  And for background on Ed's television news journalism and writings, go to