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Robotic Innovation News

Book on the Latest and Best in Robotics Source:  Stock Robot Photo Important Innovations:  Collection, Vol.2 Robotics is one of the most disruptive technologies of our time.  Innovation breakthroughs are impacting virtually every aspect of life.  My colleague Edward Kane has compiled a guide book on  the latest and best in robotic innovations.  It's called Important Innovations:  Collection, Vol. 2 and is on Amazon. Valuable Robotic News Source It's a great resource of fun reads on the most exciting emerging technologies from microscopic body bots fighting disease to Jeeves with AI, who serves as your household robot. Free Borrow Right now, you can borrow it for free and have easy access through Ed's Author Page on Amazon  Important Innovations: Collection, Vol. 2

Robots Making Robots

YuMi, the Robot Conductor, to Do Duty on Factory Floor Source:  ABB's YuMi conducting Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra in Italy ABB's New Shanghai  Robot Factory At the new ABB robot factory in China, the Swiss engineering group will use robots to make robots.  It's a $150 million, state of the art facility in Shanghai that the company just announced today.  ABB is building the factory to strategically secure and defend its place as China's largest maker of industrial robots.  YuMi, the highly acclaimed robot conductor, will be part of the workforce.  YuMi humanoid robots are designed to work side by side with people. China 2020 The new factory will open in 2020.  It's close to ABB's China robotics campus.  It will build robots for China and for export elsewhere in Asia.  China is ABB's #2 market after the US. Shanghai Global Technology Center In a statement announcing the project, ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer said:  "Shanghai has become a vital