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Germany Leads EV Sales in Europe

Top Electric Car Seller Renault Zoe Source:  Renault  Electric Vehicles Going Mainstream in Germany Germany is Europe's biggest auto market.  Since the beginning of 2019, it's been pulling ahead of Norway as the biggest market for electric vehicles.  Now for the first time, Germany is poised to end 2019 as the regional leader in electric car sales on an annual basis. In 2019 through November, 57,533 new electric cars were sold in Germany.  By contrast, 56,893 electric cars were sold in Norway.  Since 2010, Norway has led Europe in the sales of electric cars. European EV Incentive Push Across Europe, governments are rolling out incentives to sell electric vehicles and push for green energy, cutting carbon dioxide emissions.  In Germany, Daimler, BMW, VW are launching a major EV push with new models in 2020 and through the decade. In Germany alone, 150 new electric cars will be available by 2023.  German automakers will have invested approximately $49 billi