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UPS To Deliver by e-VTOLs

  Beta Technologies' Electric Aircraft                                             Source:  Beta Technologies Speedy Package Deliveries   UPS just announced that it will start package deliveries by electric planes  - specifically e-VTOLs or electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles.  UPS has agreed to buy ten e-VTOLs, called ALIA-250, from Vermont based startup Beta Technologies.  UPS has the option to buy another 150 aircraft from the company.  The new form of transportation is designed to accelerate deliveries in small market areas. Designed to Be Autonomous Beta Technologies e-VTOLs are highly advanced.  The ALIA-250, inspired by the Arctic tern, takes off and lands vertically and then transitions into long range flight. The electric vehicles have a range of 250 miles and a cruising speed of 170 mph. They are designed to operate autonomously when the regulatory environment permits.  The electric aircraft have a cargo capacity of 1400 pounds. The wingspan is 50 feet and the