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US Top Secret Space Plane Launch

US Space Force & USAF X-37B Space Plane Mission Source:  MIT Technology Review Launch Date Sunday May 17, 2020 The US Space Force & USAF's next top secret mission of its unmanned, robotic, long duration, X-37B space plane is set to launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida tomorrow.  It will hurtle into space onboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket for what is now being called the US Space Force's OTV-6/USSF-7 mission. This is another secret mission for one of the most fascinating space planes in the universe. Green, Solar Powered, Space Plane The X-37B is an unpiloted, long distance, long duration flight spacecraft.  It flies classified missions that can last months and even years for the US military.  It is a green machine that's powered by a solar array that's the size of a pickup truck and embedded inside the space plane. Tremendous Technology The technology is incredible. There are 2, X-37B space planes built by Boeing.  The wi