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Solar Car Lightyear 0 Hits Market

  Lightyear's 0 - Solar, Long Range, Sustainable                                                       Source:  Lightyear May Be The World's Greenest Car Dutch-based EV startup Lightyear has developed a sleek, solar powered sedan - the 0 - that goes months without needing a recharge.  The 0 is not on the drawing board. It's ready to hit the market at the considerable price of $263,000.00.  The key selling point for the 0 is the range that it delivers through its unique solar-electric system. Lightyear says, for example, the 0 could go 9 months without a recharge in California and at least 2 months without a recharge in the Netherlands.  That is unprecedented performance for any solar car on the market. New Levels of Greenness The 0 is undoubtedly the world's greenest car with multiple levels of greenness.  The vehicle has a smooth, elegantly simple, tear-shaped body.  Instead of side mirrors, there are camaras. The cabin of the vehicle is spacious with very clean, almos

Zuri eVTOL Could Be the Gamechanger

  Zuri 2.0 Could Be an eVTOL Travel Gamechanger Source:  Zuri Highly Advanced Hybrid Electric Flying Machine Prague, Czech Republic-based, urban air mobility startup Zuri has unveiled a long distance, unmanned eVTOL (electric, vertical takeoff and landing) vehicle. The aircraft has a big range of 435 miles which could make it an industry gamechanger.  To date, most eVTOLs have had very limited range: many in the neighborhood of 50 to 100 miles.  Zuri extended the vehicle's range by using a hybrid electric powertrain.  Zuri 2.0 is designed to carry 4 to 5 passengers for regional travel.  The company has also unveiled a cargo version of the eVTOL.  Both versions fly by autopilot.  All phases of the flight are unmanned. Technology Details Zuri is a hybrid eVTOL with eight tilting electric motors (4 propellers in the front and 4 propellers in the back) for vertical takeoffs and landings.  There's a turboprop engine for forward flight.  It can fly 435 miles in less than 3 hours. The