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Zuri eVTOL Could Be the Gamechanger

  Zuri 2.0 Could Be an eVTOL Travel Gamechanger Source:  Zuri Highly Advanced Hybrid Electric Flying Machine Prague, Czech Republic-based, urban air mobility startup Zuri has unveiled a long distance, unmanned eVTOL (electric, vertical takeoff and landing) vehicle. The aircraft has a big range of 435 miles which could make it an industry gamechanger.  To date, most eVTOLs have had very limited range: many in the neighborhood of 50 to 100 miles.  Zuri extended the vehicle's range by using a hybrid electric powertrain.  Zuri 2.0 is designed to carry 4 to 5 passengers for regional travel.  The company has also unveiled a cargo version of the eVTOL.  Both versions fly by autopilot.  All phases of the flight are unmanned. Technology Details Zuri is a hybrid eVTOL with eight tilting electric motors (4 propellers in the front and 4 propellers in the back) for vertical takeoffs and landings.  There's a turboprop engine for forward flight.  It can fly 435 miles in less than 3 hours. The