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Alpina's Spectacular 2023 B4 Grand Coupe

  Brand New Take on BMW M4 Series                                                  Source:  Alpina New Car That's Like the BMW M4 With More Power & Upgrades Renowned German luxury automaker Alpina that has built a legacy on upgrading, rebuilding and hand assembling luxury BMWs, recently was acquired by BMW. Alpina vehicles are rarer than a Rolls Royce or Ferrari.  Now under BMW ownership, Alpina's latest offering, the Alpina 2023 B4 Grand Coupe makeover of the BMW M4 series, enhances the vehicle and infuses it with a lot more power and speed.  The 4-door sedan has a 3.00-liter inline-six engine and 8 speed automatic transmission that produces 495 hp, which is 22 hp more than the BMW M4.  It packs a whopping 538 ft. lbs. of torque which is significantly more than the M4 at 406 ft. lbs.  Alpina says the new B4 has "effortless power and exclusivity". Really Fast The vehicle has a top speed of 187 mph and can go from 0 to 62 mph in 3.7 seconds.  And for a smoother rid