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G Train, New Form of Travel

  Ultimate in High Tech and Luxury Travel                                        Source:  G Train                                        Source: G Train at Dusk                                             Source: G Train Balcony                                          Source: G Train Interior Creation of Famous Superyacht Designer Thierry Gaugain The G train is an all-glass, smart, technological wonder designed for one owner to travel the world's railways.  It is the creation of Paris-based designer Thierry Gaugain.  The 14 car train was invented by Gaugain as an alternative, more leisurely way to see the world as opposed to travel by yacht or jet.  The G train opens up a world of new travel possibilities. $350 Million Luxury Train Gaugain is famous for his superyacht designs, including a 262 foot yacht Venus, that he created for the late founder of Apple, Steve Jobs.  His G Train is a $350 million, radically unique form of transportation.  The train is 1300 feet long with an exte