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Maglev: World's Fastest Ground Vehicle

 China's   Levitating Maglev Train Source:  China's Maglev Train Fastest Ground Vehicle on Earth China has revealed a Maglev train that is capable of travelling more than 370 mph. The train uses electromagnetic force to hover above the track.  There is no contact between the train and the rail.  The highly innovative and breakthrough train is the fastest ground vehicle on Earth.  It has the potential to travel from Beijing to Shanghai, which is a 620-mile distance, in 2&1/2 hours.  Travelling the same route by a conventional plane takes 3 hours.  Current high-speed rail service takes 5&1/2 hours.  This prototype train is a real game-changer in the world of travel.  Awesome Technology This technology is remarkable.  It is called magnetic levitation.  Electromagnetic force allows the train to levitate above the rails.  There is no friction, enabling the train to hit scorching speeds.  The potential of the technology is 600 mph plus.   Future of the Technology The future o

Maglev RR - Green, Clean, Fast, 600mph

No Wheels, No Engine, No Noise, No Pollution, No Problem Maglev Train So Why Aren't They at a Train Station Near You? They're green, clean, fast, quiet.  No wheels, one track. Maglev stands for magnetic levitation.  They glide on a cushion of air.  Because of the way Maglev works, there's now little chance of derailment.  The higher the train gets from the track, the stronger the magnetic force pushing it back.  It's a greener transit solution.  One problem - they're very expensive. Magnetic Levitation Travel  The tech uses magnetic fields to lift the train a small distance above the track and make it move. It's much faster than a regular train.  A Maglev in Japan has broken a world record at 600 mph. A trip from Toronto to Vancouver is forecast to take 3 hours on Maglev by 2035. All Aboard in Asia Only a handful of commercially viable systems have been built.  Only 3 survive - all in Asia.  China likes the system so much it plans to launch it in 1