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Bioplastics From Mango & Seaweed

New Green Plastic Dissolves in Water Source:  Denxybel Montinola's green plastic Innovation from Young Filipino Physicist The world is awash in plastic waste with million of tons being dumped every year.  From a young Filipino biophysicist comes an alternative, sustainable plastics solution from the plentiful products of his native land The Philippines - mango peels and seaweed.  The inventor is Denxybel Montinola, who is currently part of the research team at the Academia Sinica in Taiwan. Green, Sustainable, Dissolvable  Plastic His green plastic from mango peels and seaweed is sustainable and dissolves in water.  That means no plastic packaging and waste being dumped.  Reports indicate that it is stronger and performs better than traditional plastic.  It can be used for packaging but in the future has the resiliency and robustness to serve as a means to protect burns and stop bleeding.