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CC's Startling Impact on Marine Species

New Research on Devastating   Impact of Greenhouse Gas Emissions on Marine Life                                                     Source: Stock Images Devastating Impact of Greenhouse Gas Emissions on Global Maritime Environment The fate of nearly all marine species - up to 90% - could be at a high or critical risk of extinction by the end of the century unless the rate of greenhouse gas emissions is reduced.  If greenhouse gas emissions remain unchanged, the impact on marine life, marine ecosystems and the global environment will be catastrophic.  The startling threat that Climate Change is now having on 25,000 marine species has just been documented in a new scientific study and published in the publication "Nature Climate Change".  Bottomline:  if the world continues with "business as usual" with greenhouse gas emissions, 90% of all marine species will be at high to critical risk of extinction by 2100.  That would undoubtedly have a cascading, destructive impac