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China's Powerful Marine Satellite

Sat Capable of Measuring Temperature on Sea Surface China's Marine Satellite   China just launched a satellite to help improve global understanding of climate change and oceans.  The satellite is so powerful it can detect temperatures on the ocean surface.  It also has the power to detect chlorophyll, suspended sediment concentrations and dissolved organic matter which impact the color of the ocean. Retrieving Vital Data on Climate Change and Global Oceans The Chinese satellite will help monitor ocean color and water temperatures.  The purpose is to retrieve data to research the global ocean environment.  The satellite is a HY-1C and has a design life of 5 years.  It will study global environmental changes like El Nino and the role of oceans in the global carbon cycle. Monitoring Chinese Waters According to the Chinese State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, the sat will also survey China's offshore waters, islands, coastal zo