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Quicker Sports Injury Recovery Gadget

New Wearable Gadget Source:  Spryng Mimics and Accelerates Circulation Spryng wearable aids for muscle recovery were created to help injured athletes recover more quickly.  It accelerates injury recovery time by using pneumatic compression.  The pads which go around the lower legs are designed to be used for fifteen minute sessions. Mimics Legs' Natural Physiology The device can be used while you're in motion or at rest.  It is wrapped around the calves.  It massages the legs using pneumatic compression in a "Wavetech" pattern that the company says mimics the natural physiology of the legs.  It aids and accelerates blood circulation to speed up recovery time and flush out lactic acid. Muscle Recovery Gadget The company calls the gadget the world's most advanced muscle recovery tool and claims that it provides faster muscle recovery, better performance and improved circulation.  It mimics natural muscle contractions and increases oxygen su